Thursday, April 11, 2013

Convergent Realities

Often when we have conflicting thoughts we assume only one can be correct or that somehow one is more accurate or realistic than the other. Tell me how do you prove that something isn't real when everything tells you that it is? Normally we compare to everything else we know and reject anything that contradicts that limiting us to what we can claim to have experienced.

I know that I've seen, felt, and done things that by traditionally accepted conventions would say are impossible and the highly improbable then points to that because it's so rare it couldn't be me by statistics even if I and the foundation of which they are based on. By definition one in a billion means at least one person has to do it at least once. Other times I know that my rational mind tells me that what I'm experiencing simply can't be real because it's so wildly different from what I had identified as reality. In that case though now I wonder if I'm really experiencing another reality. Keeping in line with what I know of dimensions and how they work in theory I have to accept then that at some point there is an entirely different reality that exists even if I'm not originally a part of it.

That's not to say it can't be accessed merely that it's not native to where I came from. What I find interesting though is how these realities at some points intersect even if only for the briefest periods. More interestingly is how they occur without specific or relative time as though they have their own subdimensions of time that behave in wild manners when they intersect and more importantly when they're done intersecting and go their separate ways it's as if they never intersected at all. It's a strange kind of non event in which something most certainly happened and perhaps even evidence of it happening could be recorded and yet it never does simply because by the time it's done there's no point in which it can ever be observed from any perspective.

It's a bubble in time unto itself in which it only exists for as long as it does and it's existence is independent of essentially everything else. I don't even know how to properly describe it other than to say that it is the most substantial nothing I've ever encountered. If I were to compare it to anything else I would imagine that it would be like experiencing an aurora or colors in a spectrum you've never even been capable of seeing before then as it fades away it's as if you're the only person that saw it happening and even if you weren't the only one to see it you're definitely the only one to remember it.

I for one will continue to embrace the realities I encounter as I encounter them no matter how alien they are to me if only for the sake of knowing they're there. I've seen realities in which life is in stages on an endless cycle, or where the concept of death doesn't even exist as life is basically eternal and I wonder then if what I'm seeing is exclusive to a reality fundamentally different principals or if it's possible such things exist within our own universe. Imagine meeting an alien race that had never encountered death, a foreign concept so radical they can't even comprehend it. Try to keep an open mind because if everything tells you something is real then you're the only one that can ever truly say it isn't and denying that reality to yourself may close more doors than you realize.

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