Sunday, January 22, 2012

Translucent Reality

How can we ever be sure that anything is real? How do you know you're not currently living in that moment in which your life flashes before your eyes? What if this entire world is nothing more than a dream? What about egg theory? The idea that you are simply a baby living every life in the history of this world in the womb of your mother. What if karma wasn't simply cause and effect but you being a subconscious god changing the world to better suit how you feel? It's very true that if you set your mind on something it will happen within reason, and it might not be because of your actions, you're merely willing it into existence just the same as you can will it out and the world seems to shift to your desires possibly meaning that everything and everyone is merely a figment of your imagination. The world may never know of the origins of the universe simply because you do not wish it to know aside from the fact that the human mind in all likelihood is incapable of understanding such a truth even if it were presented.

This translucent reality differs from a subjective reality in that while it is still somewhat fabricated you're in significantly less control of it. Under a subjective reality the universe is simply what you make of it. Under a translucent reality you can sometimes peak behind the curtain and see the truth but it doesn't do you any good because something more powerful than you is in control of everything and you're simply along for the ride.

What reality do you subscribe to if any?


  1. i am almost at the point of changing my philosophy on these things ( nice write up btw ).
    i`m no longer thinking in terms of " Cause and effect",, but " potential and probability".
    also, followed.

  2. I think that reality as we know it is something that is agreed upon, rather than something that's necessarily concrete. We have facts that can be tested reliably, but how those facts make sense together is open to interpretation.

    Thought provoking post. I'm following you now.