Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Qualitative vs Quantitative

I was thinking on Chronos vs Kairos. The sequential series of events we call time and a singular moment of indeterminate length in which something of significance happens. Not just that moment in which your whole life flashes before your eyes, or when time seems to slow down as adrenaline courses through your veins, but those moments when it seems like time itself completely stops and you have a perfect sense of all things in your immediate vicinity. The romantic moment when you first see someone and your heart seems to stop. The time when suddenly something makes perfect sense that you didn't understand before, or the time when an ingenious idea seems to hit you so hard you fall over.

What if you could truly live in the moment? Clear your mind of absolutely everything and simply drink in the world. Sometimes you'll discover pure truth that will revolutionize everything you've ever thought of and ever will think of. If you can form a bond with the universe or at least the earth you'll never have to think about anything, you'll simply know and understand. Conversely if you can isolate yourself from every bond then your presence will be treated like a plague, people will notice when you're around because of the way their body reacts, it's a moment of absolute terror for everyone like staring pure evil in the face.


  1. Unfortunately in modern society we are taught to ''buy time'' and few of us really stop to enjoy and feel the moment, an instant when two pairs of eyes meet, or a lifetime shared with a true love, not forced.