Monday, January 30, 2012


This is a particularly sensitive topic I know. However it is also a great source of debate. Any attempt to argue it as fact is simply proof of this fact. In this particular instance I simply point out my particular views and offer them to you as something to think about. Do not take it personally or as an assault on your beliefs. First and foremost I believe in something greater than myself. The particular scope of this is unclear, it may be my connection to the world or the universe it may be a deity but if that is the case it's unlikely to be any established religion. I view organized religion as a particularly dangerous idea given it's bloody history and record of falsehoods. If there was a "truth" to religion it would be a higher power of some kind, and if any such religion had direct contact with such a power there would be no debate as to which religion is "the right one". The way I see it is that if there is a deity, then it's mind is so superior to own own we can not fathom its thought process of what it would want us to do and it would be unrealistic for us to spend our lives fighting our inner nature. The flaws in a creation directly reflect the flaws of the creator and a flawed deity can not be all powerful, all knowing, perfect everything. If ever there was a deity it has likely left us, does not care, has died, or is otherwise not worthy of worship on the basis of how much suffering it would supposedly inflict upon us through "mother nature" or other earthly instances of extreme natural destruction. Additionally any deity that would condemn you to an eternity of suffering for a century or two of sin or not obeying it as otherwise instructed via organized religion is certainly not worthy of praise or worship, if anything it should be reviled as an evil deity.

If there is indeed more than one such deity, why then has not one become the most powerful? Why is there no direct and definitive proof of such an all powerful being? Do not say to simply look around and everything is proof. I am talking about an all powerful making itself a known quantity in such a way there could be absolutely no concept of denial of its existence.

The idea that various deities are actually aliens is an entirely different subject that I'll probably never discuss because this will probably be all the religion I put in this blog.


  1. This is how I live life, and how everyone should do it I think.

    “Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.”

    ― Marcus Aurelius

    That being said, I think there is something greater. That is all. Weather there is or isnt doesnt matter. See above. But I do think there is something. Be it a god or some alien overseer and we are the test subjects lol or something else.

    I also think, and history and time has proven, that organized religion is just a tool to control people based on our most primitive emotion, fear. We have killed more people in the name of god then that we have saved in the name of god. We have set back humanity more time then we have propelled it. Namely in the area of science and free thinking.

    Even today religion causes hate and fighting. Look at the middle east for example. Yes not all people of faith are bad but a lot of religious folk are deluded or blind to forward thinking ideas and concepts because they have been taught otherwise through indoctrination of the church.

    I truly think a religion free world would be best.

    Do not think however that I am against faith/spirituality. I am not. I wholeheartedly think it is a good thing. In fact I encourage it. Because it and god are not religion. You do not need religion to believe.

    And for fucks sake dont shove it down people throats. And stop with the gay bashing. No one care. And if you are against gay marriage fine keep it. So much for being a christian thing or whatever with over 50% divorce rates tololol. You can keep it.

    No im not gay.

  2. It's a shame how the liberal media has succeeded in its evil intentions. People who grow up outside the church can't possibly begin to understand the gifts of the divine that are bestowed upon mankind. That's fine- God has his plan for everyone.

    But, is there any doubt that the liberal media has a hand in keeping people outside the church? No doubt whatsoever. You only have to look at the latest Hollywood blockbuster, TV show, or news broadcast. In every single outlet of the liberal's brainwashing media machine there are subtle hints at atheism and its subsequent liberal ideology. See the latest news of the war in Iraq/Afghanistan? Makes Muslims seem pretty crazy, right? In the realm of philosophy, that's called a "slippery slope" argument- meaning, by some extension, EVERY religious person is crazy.

    Like I said, these arguments are subtle, and if you grew up with their hegemonic indoctrination outside the church then it takes some extra sensitivity to break their powerful spell.

    1. what about those of us that grew up in the church only to realize that something didn't seem to fit right? Where our logic was simply stronger than anything else?

    2. Your logic was "stronger" than anything else? I think you're giving yourself a little too much credit here. What exactly privileges your logic over mine? Is it simply because you "didn't fit" into church? It seems that you're arguing from an elitist position.

    3. I'm not establishing my logic as better, merely different, and in the case of where I apply my particular thought process in relation to what I think is logical to religion as it was taught to me some things seemed significantly wrong and too many questions unanswered for the established religion to be preaching ultimate truth. I fit in fine and it was great in terms of community and while it does teach truth and a certain level of acceptable morality in most cases I still think that it's established on lies.

      I've continued to look into various religions which lead me tot he point that not one is obviously superior therefore it would logically be likely that none of them have a true deity or "god" as described by that religion handing down orders. There are some that preach the superiority of man and what we should all aspire to which aren't bad but they don't tote that they worship some kind of god either.

  3. Being a man of the cloth isn't necessary being a man of god.

    Everyone worships his own ''god''. A priest who molests young kids is not righteous, he worships his lust. A rock singer who donates an amount of his money to a hospital ain't the devil, he is mercyful.

    I think that people try to hide behind this mask of organized religion to hide a roten part of their personality.

    Also, most of these people are cowards, who pray to a higher power to forgive them or guide them, instead of looking inside their hearts to what they really are and feel.

  4. I was raised in Orthodox christian family, participated in all of my religion unique customs, and believe me there are lots of them... However, at the age of 14 or 15, I slowly rejected Christianity. I don't know why, it was the way I felt. I don't want to go any deeper, I just wanna say I respect all religions and I think they are that last thing that help man stand up after his fall. I'm also sorry for bad English.

    About you living in Flint man, I googled some stuff, not because I didn't believe you, its just that i always thought you guys in USA are doing fine compared to 3rd world... Well I guess crime rates speak for themselves.