Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It is not the question, nor is it the answer.

I assume most of you made it through highschool and therefore like every highschooler are aware of hamlet and a semi-famous paraphrased quote of "to be or not to be". Back in that day it was a somewhat important question as to whether or not life was worth even living. That's not really the case though as it's not a matter of should you live but first establishing if you can even live or if you're even alive to begin with. Rather than go that route though I would say the more important question is what are the implications of you, your life, and even more importantly the implications of your continued existence. If hamlet had focused more on why he was there in that moment and what his purpose in life was  it most likely would not have saved him any of the tragedy that would soon befall him though it may have given him enough insight to make some change that would ultimately be his salvation. Quite possibly the saddest ending of it all was the fact there was to great revelation, no real lesson learned from the ordeal it was an ending for it's own sake.

Consider not whether or not you should live but rather what living implies and it's consequences both good and bad, everyone dies not everyone truly lives.

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