Saturday, June 8, 2013

First thoughts

I keep wondering why I don't go into physics on a professional level, apparently as long as you can understand what you're doing you're ahead of the game as apparently a large number of people just are incapable of understanding it even if it's explained. That aside keep in mind I only have a basic understanding and so the answers to what I may bring up are probably already answered and I just haven't found them yet.

When I woke up today I was wondering about that particle accelerator at CERN and what happens before the particles collide. Is there a preceding force or colliding fields leading the particles other than what's generated by the machine? What would happen if a third particle were to rip through just before impact? What if the two particles instead of colliding with eachother collided on either side of a floating particle between them?

I have this strange thought I can't push aside that there's a small field surrounding each particle and the fields meet before the particles and in that small moment there's a window of opportunity and if you could get in between the two at that time this third field would provide something interesting... I also considered what would happen if a third particle from a different direction collided with the other two at the exact same time. I understand how difficult it would be to accomplish so that there were no variance that the three are in fact meeting at the exact same time rather than one or another meeting first. Still I can't help but wonder. Though from my understanding the LHC is primarily for trying to gather more information on the higgs boson and I doubt my ideas would help that, not to say for sure though as it's possible but I'm considering it unlikely for the time being.

These are the kind of strange things I wake up thinking about. Not sure why and usually nothing comes of them, but at least they're interesting.

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