Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Publishing Poll

 I'm getting ahead of myself in writing. I realize now how many drafts I have, and how slowly I've been publishing. So to bring things back up to speed I'm finishing what I have in draft and will be publishing every other day till my drafts are all out. With that in mind in what order would you want me to publish the following topics.

3.Changing Reality
4.Intelligent design

or a currently untitled one based on some concepts put forward by Fermi
as to the basic outline of the fermi post it's about how advanced or intelligent life is prone to self destruction as a potential reason why we haven't encountered aliens as of yet, assuming that we actually haven't as of yet.
The others are all fairly obvious by title.

Post the order you want below. I've included number next to the topic to make it quick and easy.
5. for Fermi

And now and edit for my new viewers. Something to pass the time.
The simple yet classic phrase I'm about to write is about the stunning realization of something profound yet simple. The sudden understanding of something great regardless of circumstance and potentially outside of context. There's a substantially greater meaning behind this cute and seemingly innocent or ridiculous verse and it warrants a further look and contemplation.
The line is as follows. "I see, said the blind man to his deaf wife while pissing into the wind, it all comes back to me now." 

Though sadly the phrase has been horribly mutated over the years and much of it's meaning lost, at least it isn't lost completely for those of us that know to look for it. I hope you come to see in it what I do, and understand as I do some of the deeper thoughts hidden within it.

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  1. It sounds like you've got some really good ideas percolating--my drafts never look anywhere near that interesting! :P

    Just wanted to thank you for coming by my blog.