Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Broke Reality

I retract my previous statement on time travel not effecting the physical area. In my usual place I use I was just standing around contemplating where I should go when random things started spawning mid air. A plastic bottle cap, a watch, and a penny, all spawning in the same spot then falling to the ground. I actually watched them come into existence after the plastic bottle cap which was the first item to fall in. I was about to dismiss it when the penny appeared and I wasn't sure still so I paid close attention then something substantially larger came through this watch. It's not a particularly fancy watch and it's definitely broken now if it wasn't before. It's not giant but compared to a penny it's a lot more mass to move. I quarantined the section off and haven't made any more jumps as of yet till I know more.

I really hope that it wasn't just all that remains of a fellow time traveler. Though I must say I'm divided in my hope. Is it really better to hope that it was potentially the destabilization of a timeline or that it was simply a person phasing out of existence trying to manipulate time? Timelines come into and out of existence all the time so the deaths of trillions and quadrillions is just the acceptable fact of the 5th dimension. Though it's rare for someone to successfully discover or utilize travel through it from what I have noticed. Making the loss fairly significant in itself. Perhaps it was even some future version of me?

One important note I may have neglected to mention previously is that your central timeline where your strongest anchor is, really is quit important. If you destroy your own timeline it almost always results in instantaneous random jumping if you try to leave. You practically guarantee yourself that you'll be unstuck if that happens. It's arguable as well as to whether or not that's a better thing than allowing yourself to be wiped out with the rest of your timeline, as you most likely deserve if you've destroyed it. Either way sure you might be able to establish new anchors and find a new operating location, but it simply won't be the same.

Which brings me to a topic for another blog post. Recreating lost timelines. In it I'll discuss how to find the ghosts or remnants of older timelines and the dangers involved, as well as how to restore a timeline, however unstable it might be.

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