Sunday, October 5, 2014

A new world model

I may have discussed economic models lightly in the past perhaps also suggesting existing alternatives or theoretical solutions such as described in the venus project. However many of them are to some extent impractical or unrealistic even if technically feasible. In particular the human element and long term conditioning make radical changes hard to accept. I would now try to contemplate an entire system to replace what we have. Not just economics but laws and social contract and government in general. This is likely going to come in parts due to sheer length and will include education, government, laws, among other facets and what their roles should be. I will be attempting to design a system in both micro and macro ideals to function on any scale. I'll also try to compartmentalize them so each can function on its own independent of the other concepts though I will often try to tie them together if it makes sense to do so. The idea being that while they may function on their own they will be better together.

I've been influenced by many authors over the years and some of this will undoubtedly include their concepts or ideals though likely not verbatim. I don't plan to give them their proper credit nor do I plan to take the credit for myself rather that the concepts and information presented should be free to all who read them without concern for origin for the sake of forward thinking. The idea being that each author assembles their own masterpiece of smaller pieces they collect and this is to be a presentation of one piece just as theirs were and thus each element should not be broken from the whole except for validation. Remember that if any part is wrong the collective as a whole even if correct is also technically wrong.

I start by asking what is the current state of affairs and what is necessary to support life. I proceed to ask what must change to make life possible for all without disparity if it is not already so. Then what is necessary to leave the individual free to pursue their own happiness without constraint. Food and shelter are paramount to survival. The quality of the food and shelter have effect on the quality of life. In order to accommodate the most people a balance of minimum acceptable standards must first be derived which I am unqualified to do. Suffice to say an individual does not need the same amount as a family and should be treated as such.

Beyond survival a functioning society requires more if its members are to be minimally prosperous. Some rudimentary medicine is also needed. Since medicine is a trained skill then education is also thus necessary.

How then are we to provide these things to the people? How should we determine priority of who gets first access to the resources if we should even do so to begin with? Is trade, barter, or a monetary economic system relevant in modern times or can a superior solution be instituted?

What about amenities which are a luxury? Should they be used as community items temporarily borrowed, or fixed in a single location, or should they instead be available as property items? How should property be defined or protected and to what extent should an individual be allowed to protect property? All these questions and more will be detailed in upcoming sections.

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