Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You are an open book. The question is who's reading you?

Today I try to tell you a little about how your body gives away your every thought. Everyone no matter what they are doing are telling you their every thought constantly if you know what and how to look for. Your every thought courses through all the muscles in your body and the collective subtle alterations and differences say a lot more than you would think. Picture the muscles under the skin. Consider how they move and react, not just in thought or control but also to context and environment. There's a subtle difference in how a body reacts to a thought, and it's separate from how they're imprinted and yet different still from their independent states and the secondary thought processes your conscious mind doesn't actively consider.

The easiest way I can think to explain it is two cars traveling in the same direction. They're overlapping occupying the same space and one is a different color, both are clearly visible in spite of how impossible the thought is. They are separate and yet not indifferent in spite of any subtle differences there may be between the two.

I was watching someone read a book. I knew definitively, precisely, exactly how they felt about it. I confirmed this shortly after my observation. I was reading their every reaction, however subtle it may be. I could see how she derived pleasure from it, yet felt guilty about it, and even a certain level of contempt and disgust for the content in spite of her craving to continue. The way her face ever so gently would shift, as her jaw would slack but her cheeks would tighten, not in compensation mind you. Then the way her lips would move and her eyebrows adjusted. A slight tremor in her arm from shock and horror yet a resonation within her of acceptance, something she tried to hide only making it worse. Whatever she was reading was clearly a dark fantasy of hers to be sure. Which I was more than happy to exploit as a perfect conversation starter.

Be mindful of your thoughts lest they betray you.


  1. If you've watched BBC's Sherlock that's probably the best analogy of reading someone. I'd love to be able to do that.

    In the meantime, the best I can do is use the Psychology I've learned to try and read people.

  2. Very true - people give a lot away without even realizing it. Body language is a big indicator as well, but the face is the best source. Good stuff!